Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So this is a blog...

Let me start by saying why I have not started blogging until now....
a) I never really understood it
b) What I did understand of it seemed to me very vain and self-indulgent and
c) I had no wish to broadcast on the Internet my thoughts and feelings on any topic because, to be quite honest, I never thought anyone would be interested in what I have to say.

I have since come to realise that...
a) This is really quite easy, I love writing and this gives me an excuse to
b) Everyone is vain and self-indulgent in one way or another and
c) If I am to become this very serious, very intellectual and incredibly witty theatre journalist that I aspire to be, I should try to make people interested in what I have to say, and actually, blogging is a good way to that.

So this is my blog, although I have never really been very good at sticking to the point I wish to outline my aims in writing this blog. Firstly it is a 'stepping stone to writing on performance' (hence the title) and gets me noticed, even if it is only by five of my friends that can actually be bothered to read what I say. Secondly, I will use it as a arena to discuss theatre and performance, what I have recently seen, read or done theatre-wise, including my current project which involves me co-directing Pornography by Simon Stephens this March. Don't get your hopes up, it's not that kind of play.

Lastly, I will use this blog to document my success in finding an actual paid (at least expenses) job in the big wide world of journalism after I graduate in July. First stepping stone is getting work for Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. It would have been the NSDF but some clever sod that arranges a STUDENT festival has decided to put the bloody thing when STUDENTS are still at University. But let's forget about that, instead I will focus on sending further emails to editors who are clearly not interested, ringing people who never put you through to the right person and organising my portfolio so that it looks some kind of good.

Now, I realise that I do sound quite bitter and negative about my future progress in establishing a writing career of some sort, but please believe that I am semi-positive about the next few months, especially as I now have this blog for venting purposes. So to any readers (or am I being too presumptuous?) please hang on in there and hopefully I will get to a point where I will actually have something of interest to write about theatre!

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